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Felicia sat quietly next to the bed. They'd been able to get the bullet out, thankfully, but that didn't keep her from replaying the events in her head. One of the other agents had been on the roofs that time, and they weren't planning on playing games. And when Clint jumped in front of her... Well, how else would she have ended up in SHIELD's medical wing? She immediately jumped out of her thoughts when she heard him move. "Hey, easy there. Doc said you shouldn't move too much."

Clint jerked as he woke, remembering the pain in his chest and the bang of the rifle that had been aimed at Felicia. His eyes blinked open and he took a gasping breath. But then her voice reached his ears and Clint calmed, head turning towards the sound.

"You okay?" he mumbled, lips cracked and throat hoarse. "Are you okay?"